Imad Saleh

Based: London / ENGLAND

Imad Saleh (大鼻子) has a dynamic training technique that is based on traditional Chinese martial art. With a style based on efficiency and effectiveness, Imad focuses on core strength and conditioning, Shaolin power training, stance training, take down methods called Shuai Jiao and other Chinese grappling techniques such as Chin Na (Chinese joint locking techniques) and hand to hand combative techniques.

Since he was young teenager, Imad was always interested in fitness, hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. Joining the Royal Green Jackets army cadets (ACF) in central London at age 13 and remained with them until he was 16 years, Imad won many gold medals for track and cross country running at regional and national levels. During this time that he also took up boxing, beginning his journey in fitness training as well as walking very long distances with heavy weaponry and equipment in what’s known as tabbing. However, the art of Kung fu and training with true masters from the Shaolin temple was always Imad’s dream. At age 27 this wish became a reality when he decided to pack his stuff and finally follow that dream to China, to undoubtedly one of the most exciting and spiritual experiences he had ever experienced. Studying 3 main styles starting at 5.30 every morning until 8pm at night, Imad was placed under the authority of three exceptional Kung Fu practitioners. For over 16 months Imad trained with Master Qu daily for 6 hours in a variety of applications and forms earning him gold and silver medals in 2010 and 2011 at the Yantai Wushu tournaments. During this time, he filled his spare time studying Tui Na (Chinese massage) and becoming Master Qu’s most dedicated and prominent International student. Continuing his path, Imad was able to then train with Master Guo, where he first found his love and respect for Tai Chi and Qigong, receiving a silver medal under his tuition in the performance at the YWT. Imad’s final lessons were under Master Wang Xinglong, also known by his Shaolin Temple title Shi Xinglong, a 32nd generation disciple. Under Shi Xinglong’s wing Imad learnt advanced knowledge in Sanda (Chinese kickboxing), hand-to hand combat, and Shaolin forms, ultimately achieving the highly acclaimed rank of 4th duan.

After completing his journey, Imad decided to return to London and teach everything he had learnt to anyone that was interested in traditional Chinese Martial arts. As a teacher, Imad has the unique ability to not only make you are a more confident, healthy and balanced person, he can help you attain the strength and durability you never thought was possible. “I want you to have strength, power, endurance, agility, flexibility and most importantly become an all-round great martial artist. I also want my students to have the strength in character to be confident to execute the combat and the techniques. I have huge passion for teaching and take delight in seeing my students excel in their training. I look forward to seeing you in my classes and wish you the best of luck and success in your training.” Imad Saleh, Owner of Tai Chi City