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Pilar Perez

Since I found Tai Chi City my self-confidence has improved and, consequently, my life too. Excellent training in a warm and familiar environment. Tai chi for ever! :)

Charly Solomou

I started Tai Chi 2 months ago with TCC. After only 8 weeks, I can safety say Tai Chi has become an important part of my life. Physically, my core strength, stability and flexibility have all improved. Mentally, the meditation has helped me focus my mind better than before. Imad is a fantastic teacher, firm but patient, disciplined but gentle. It’s been incredible meeting and getting to know other members of TCC as well, all of whom have helped me make Tai Chi fun and enjoyable too. I can’t recommend Tai Chi City enough. Thank you Tai Chi City!


I started Tai Chi in 2018 but I feel that my journey has just begun. As I spend a lot of time running, the most important thing I learnt from Tai Chi is to slow down. The training has given me better coordination, balance, memory, confidence and I have also made many friends along the way. I’m very grateful for all my instructors, Imad, Joel and Jacque for sharing their passion with me.

Annie Rouse

I am an artist in my seventies.
Discovering Tai Chi has unexpectedly refocused my life.
 I have been practicing now for four years with Imad at Tai Chi City.
I went to my first class "tentatively", but by the end I was hooked. Imad's knowledge and his experience of training in the different forms of Tai Chi in China combined with his passion for teaching infiltrate the classes. He also recognises each member of the class has individual strengths and weaknesses and addresses them.
I am now training in differential forms of Tai Chi from Yang style to Chen sword, as a result I am stronger, fitter, and more flexible.
"Tai Chi is fun
Good for your body
Calms you down
Reminds you to live from your centre
Teaches you to be flexible 
When things change
Brings meaning and joy to your life"

Sally Cave-Browne-Cave

I have been practicing with various teachers at tai chi city for the last five years.  The practice has improved my balance and strength but also my levels of concentration, patience and persistence.  Jacque has fantastic reserves of patience and kindness in her teaching style.  At the same time her focus is very much on precision and attention to detail.  I would heartily recommend tai chi city and all their teachers to newcomers and more experienced practitioners alike.

Tanya Ferris

I’ve been practicing tai chi with Imad and Tai Chi City for over three years now, after coming across it completely by accident and I love it. Now, I’m hopelessly addicted - especially when using my sword - and just want to keep on learning. It’s really helped develop and strengthen my mental focus as well as the physical benefits that its had on my body.
I hope I’ve still got a long way to go and that Imad’s patience holds out!

Adam Wells

Having never done anything like this before, I've loved my 7 month Tai Chi journey with these guys so far. They're positive, encouraging, understanding but tough instructors and our class has forged a real bond. Give it a go.

Maria Hammershoy

I trained with Joel (Tai Chi City) for a full summer and together we achieved amazing results, far beyond what I had expected. Joel will persevere and push you AND he's a great guy! If you are looking for a personal trainer to take you to a whole other level, I can not recommend him enough!

Ahmed Eid

Tai Chi City one of my favourite placed for me, I just forget all stress life there, they know how to teach everyone by simply. I am very happy and proud to join Tai Chi City.

Amy Dodero

Tai Chi City has really changed my life, how I feel about my body after two babies (now = really proud!) and a real sense of teamwork, unity and strength. Cannot recommend Imad and his team highly enough :)

David Propert

As an Osteopath with 25 years’ experience, I know a good exercise format when I see one and Tai Chi is really excellent, working on many levels including strength, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, and memory. I would thoroughly recommend Tai Chi to anyone looking for an enhancement to their current sports and exercise programme and it can also be performed as a way through injury. Imad, Joel and the team of Tai Chi City provide a fantastically supportive environment. They are able to accommodate a range of levels from novice to expert and their patient, disciplined teaching style, with individual attention to detail, enables rapid but solid progress through the many forms. Amazing!

Yelena Walters

My journey with Tai Chi began over 3 years ago with a diverse group of devoted, dedicated and likeminded enthusiasts. Imad leads us on this amazing journey, pushing us to achieve more every lesson. This allows growth not only in physical stamina, but also psychological resilience, transforming all facets of my life - be it family, social life, or professional career. Tai Chi with Imad is challenging, fulfilling and rewarding.

Debbie Squires
Ingrid Hemsley

I have been learning Tai Chi with Imad for several years.  I find Tai Chi hugely beneficial; I am stronger in mind and body, more confident and balanced since I began training. I learn new techniques and movements as I progress. Tai Chi can be practised indoors and outdoors - I highly recommend for all ages and levels of fitness.

Shan Thatcher

I started learning Tai Chi with Tai Chi City in early 2019. 26/02/2022 I am an overweight, 64 year old woman with spinal problems (fused thoracic vertebrae, lumbar disc and nerve problems) that affect my mobility, strength and balance.  Even with these limitations, I have very few problems doing Tai Chi. It has allowed me to slowly improve my flexibility, increase my strength and improve my balance.  It is also wonderful mentally: a class leaves me feeling calm, relaxed and energised.  Really miss it if I miss a class!
One of my instructors has been Jacque Jordan.  She has an open, welcoming manner. She provides an excellent blend of flow in performing the movements with the technical details of each move allowing me to understand what I am trying to achieve.  She makes the classes a real pleasure and I would recommend her to anyone!